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Chapleau, Ontario
47° 50' 45" North     83° 23' 58" West
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Bridgeview Motel

Chapleau Motel

Aux Trois Moulins

Riverside Motel

Railroad Motor Inn

Cavalier Motel

Pine West B & B


Beer Store

Liquor Store

Fishing Licences

Bait and Tackle

Public Library

Canadian Legion


Mobile Phones
Chapleau has good mobile phone service. If you are visiting us from the U.S.A. your phone will usually work here. The service providers are Rogers and Bell Canada. Make sure that your mobile roaming includes Canada.

Catholic Mass:
Saturday 07:00 PM
Sunday 9:30 AM

Wi-Fi Internet
The Chapleau Public Library provides free Wi-Fi internet access. Manda's Restaurant in the centre of town (next to the Royal Bank) also has free WI-FI. So also does the Subway sandwich shop just round the corner from Manda's. The lakeside cabin resort at this link also offers free WI-FI.

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